Regenbogen Rauchfahne

Les Encens du Monde (Aromandise) – Karin – Moonlit Night

I received a few of these incense sticks in my first incense exchange, along with “Perfumed Prince”, another of the six varieties of this line.
They are sold in pretty little boxes of 30 sticks (12g), with an approximate burn time of 30 minutes. The price ranges between €9 and €13. A small porcelain tile holder is included, whose design is occasionally changing.

As for the ingredients, once again, there are only vague details. One shop (Lotus Zen, UK) mentions jasmine, hyacinth, and cloves, while others mention daphne, though it’s unclear whether it is an actual ingredient or merely an inspiration from Daphne – the “flower of poets.”

Moonlit Night has a fresh, almost invigorating scent that reminds me of a perfume (or rather the type of perfume) my mother wears: green, light, “feminine” chypre fragrances. In this sense, I would describe this scent as perfume-like, but not in a demeaning way – it would be a good perfume. Floral, positive, and rather modern for a Japanese incense stick.
If I indulge in the image of a moonlit night, I associate the invigorating character of the scent with the electrifying alertness I (as a night owl) can feel in such a setting. Still, I must say that the scent surprised me; I would find it more suitable for a spring theme.
This composition belongs to those I can’t do much with for incense sticks. Since it’s a “bathroom scent” for me, I started burning them in the bathroom, but the scent doesn’t mix well with humid air – they smell unpleasantly of smoke then. Unfortunately, the after-smell is also rather smoky.

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