Regenbogen Rauchfahne
Hikali Koh - Omatsu

Hikali Koh – Japanese Garden – Omatsu (Pine Grove)

I bought this roll second-hand. For a new one, you pay about €6. A roll contains 28 sticks, each approximately 14cm long. The burn time is stated to be about 25 minutes.

Ingredients: Japanese black pine, gold copal, vetiver, and herbs.

Omatsu has a noticeable sweetness that, for me, doesn’t quite fit the theme; it comes across as very vanilla-like. However, I find the composition itself very pleasant and balanced.
The vetiver once again stands out with its peculiar spiciness and adds a slightly earthy tone.
The scent is woody and tends to be green, though my first thought wouldn’t be “pine” or “forest.”
Though, I can certainly entertain the image of taking a walk through a pine grove. Perhaps on a mild late summer afternoon, where there are spots, the loose forest floor is warmed by the sun, and a sweet scent wafts in from afar.
It is a calm, relaxing scent.

I like Omatsu. It’s enjoyable to “listen” to this scent, and although it isn’t overly complex, it still holds a few hidden notes.

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