Goloka - Premium - Saffron

Goloka – Premium – Saffron

Bought at Spiru.de, a shop with super annoying marketing but often good deals. Their regular price for Saffron is €1.69, containing 15g.

The only reason I included Saffron in my order was that I wanted some single note incense sticks of saffron to better familiarize myself with the scent as a component in incense like “Kesar Chandan” or “Kesar Gulab”. [Kesar = saffron, Chandan = sandalwood, Gulab = rose.]
I’m not sure if this variety was the best choice for that purpose. They have very little of what I have identified as a recurring note in the few saffron-containing incense sticks I’ve had so far.
Goloka – Saffron has a specific spiciness that I find tart but not actually bitter, and they smell “hot” and dry.
At least outdoors, I find something floral in the scent, and it somehow fits well in hot weather; paradoxically, it makes the heat more bearable for me.

Saffron will probably never be among my favourites, but I can appreciate them to an extent, which is surprising to me since anything with “Kesar” hasn’t been my thing so far. Therefore, I believe that real Kesar connoisseurs would likely be disappointed by Goloka – Saffron.

Goloka – Saffron now also got reviewed on Incense in The Wind.

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