Jeomra's - NATUR PUR - Hojari

Jeomra’s – Natur pur – Hojari

Georg Huber (Jeomra) became aware of me on Instagram in mid-2023 and offered me samples of their entire line of in-house incense sticks, which of course I accepted with pleasure.

Weihrauch Hojari [Frankincense Hojari] is the revised and improved version of the Weihrauch Oman sticks, which I wrote about almost exactly a year ago (August 2022). Here is the old review. At that time, Jeomra’s incense sticks had just come onto the market, with 3 types of Frankincense sticks. The line was now given the name “Natur pur” [pure nature] and the range has grown to 9 varieties. By the way, these are available as a sampler for €24.90 with 2 sticks of each scent.
Frankincense Hojari is available from €9.90 for 10 sticks, packs of 20 and 50 pieces are also available. In the best case, this makes a unit price of around 78 cents. If you buy 10 sticks, you pay €0.99 per stick.
The burning time is given as 50–60 minutes.

Ingredients: beech charcoal from Germany, frankincense from Oman (B. sacra), Joss powder from Vietnam, German wild honey; Coating: Oman incense powder.

With Weihrauch Hojari, Jeomra seems to have done some serious fine-tuning. The smell is still very potent and requires proper ventilation from a wide open window, but then the scent blooms. Weihrauch Hojari now truly manage to convey the complexity of this resin, which is widely considered to be the best frankincense in the world.
I smell the strong resinous base note, but it doesn’t seem tart with this version, unlike when you burn resin on charcoal. The Hojari-typical bright and high-pitched citrus aspect sets the tone, and even some of the minty freshness manages to escape the heat of the embers.
A fine, subtle sweetness is dancing in between, which probably comes from honey.
The scent appears more delicate than the old version. It has less “oomph”, but is more refined and a lot more complex.
It’s also noticeable that the new version produces significantly less smoke, which is additionally pleasant.

I think you can’t get any closer to the olfactory experience of heating Hojari on a warmer with incense sticks than with Weihrauch Hojari. An impressive achievement.

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