Happy Hari – Dharana Sutra

This incense stick is part of the Happy Hari Sampler Set, which I bought from Padma Store in March 2022. The set contains only one stick per variety (13 in total) and cost €14.95 at that time (it has since been raised by €1).
A single pack of 10g currently costs €4.25. The burning time per stick is indicated as 60 minutes.
Padma Store categorizes this variety as Dry Masala, but to me, they seem like they could also be Masala Hybrid as well.

The scent of Dharana Sutra is intense. It seems as if a lot of oil (whether essential or synthetic) was used.
In character, it’s very close to Ambrosia by BERK or Pure – Pushkar. It has a strongly floral yet deep, sensual scent that simultaneously possesses a kind of a “mineral glittering”, or that’s at least how I sense it.
I think that there might be some blue lotus in there, which I identified as one of the possible commonalities in the aforementioned incense sticks. I also smell vanilla. There might also be a hint of rockrose and some jasmine, but with this guess, I’m already stretching it quite a bit.
Furthermore, Dharana Sutra has (unlike the other two) a musk aspect that seems weakly indolic to me. This gains potency after a few minutes with insufficient ventilation and tends to become unpleasant for me. However, the sticks are potent enough to be divided into several uses, so I don’t see this as a real issue at all.

I find the scent very appealing, sexy and captivating, but I’d probably opt for Ambrosia as a cheaper alternative. I think I also prefer Ambrosia, but I know their scent much better, and I only had this one sample of Dharana Sutra. So, maybe it would be different if I were more familiar with Dharana as well.

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