Jiri & Friends - Pinyon

Jiri & Friends – Pinyon

I received these four Jiri & Friends incense sticks in early 2023 as part of an incense exchange.
They cost between €7.90 and €9.95 per pack. A pack contains 15 incense sticks, equalling about 15g.
There are no ingredients listed for this variety, only that the scent is of “pure wild Pinyon from the southern deserts of the United States.”

When lit, the sticks produce a sooty flame. It is often said that this is a sign of chemicals like DEP, but resin can also cause this and is entirely natural.
Among all the pine resins I have smelled so far, Piñon (also written Pinyon) is the sweetest. These Pinyon incense sticks provide this sweetness, along with a warm tone typical of pines and the general aromatic character of conifers.
To me, it is not a classic campfire or fireplace scent; the sweetness is just too unusual for that. People who live in areas where Piñon grows and is used as firewood will probably see this differently. However, Pinyon can very well convey the feeling of cosiness that many associate with such scents.
As with other Jiri & Friends products, Pinyon is not overly potent and has very moderate smoke output, making them pleasant to use indoors. If you do get a direct hit of the smoke, it has a slightly sharp tone, but it is not particularly unpleasant.

Pinyon seems well-suited for people who want to give their home the cosy atmosphere of a burning wood stove during the cold season. However, they bring a special note that cannot be found in domestic wood.

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