Sandesh - Zen Meditation

Sandesh – Zen Meditation

These incense sticks are from my order at Ephra World Shop from the end of 2022. A pack contains 15g, and I had 14 sticks in mine. With a price of €1.65, that makes about 12 cents per incense stick.

I admit, it was a purchase purely based on the packaging. I find the design very appealing, and I didn’t know the brand before.
Zen Meditation have a rather unpleasant smell when unlit, which is somewhat soapy and sharp. They seem rather cheap to me.
The smell when burning is not bad per se; I can imagine there are people who like it, but these incense sticks are not for me.
The scent has a strong, clearly recognisable cedar oil note; woody-sweet and slightly fruity. The shop description also mentions lemongrass, lemon balm, and frankincense. However, to me, it just smells like citronella oil, which I absolutely cannot stand. I can’t detect any frankincense. The smell is tart, citrusy-herbal, and pungent.
Additionally, Zen Meditation is extremely intense. Even with wide-open windows, the smell becomes too overpowering for me after just a few centimetres have burned down. In my opinion, entirely ill-suited for meditation.

If you like strong citrus scents like citronella and are looking for incense sticks for larger rooms or for the terrace, balcony, etc., Zen Meditation might be an option. However, if you are a curious fan of cedarwood, I would advise against purchasing this.

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