Pushkar Temple - Pakiza

Pushkar Temple Incense – Pakiza

I bought this 50g bundle at the end of 2022 from Pilgrimbazaar, an eBay shop in England. They cost £2.99 (€3.42). The price has since increased to £3.56 (€4.10). The 8″ long incense sticks are relatively thick, and this pack contained about 35 pieces. With the current price, that makes 12 cents per stick. (Of course, shipping and possibly customs fees are additional costs). The specified burning time is 30–45 minutes.

At Pilgrimbazaar, there is no scent description, but I have now found an Instagram account where these incense sticks are sold. (They ship from India and there is a minimum order quantity of one kilo. The owner, Pavel, is from Kazakhstan, and payment is made to a Kazakhstani bank account.) In the posts there, some of the varieties’ scents are described.
For Pakiza, it says, “made on the basis of woody musk – a resin obtained from the buds, leaves and branches of the ferula plant – has a deep and pungent odor.” I assume meant is Ferula moschata. However, the mention of resin could also indicate Ferula ammoniacum, as for F. moschata the root is what’s used.
However, there is definitely much more than just ferula in these sticks. A large part of their scent is clearly based on oils. The wrapping paper is soaked with it, and the raw scent of the incense sticks is incredibly strong. The burning sticks are exceptionally potent, which is why I categorize them as Fluxo. In my opinion, they are primarily suitable for outdoor use.
My now nearly one-year-old sticks have become somewhat milder and more balanced.

Pakiza smells intense and somewhat piercing at first. If the scent is not well-diluted, it has a harsh note that reminds me of toilet-pucks. When diluted, the scent becomes fruity-floral with a tart tone. Underneath lies a creamy sweetness that reminds me of white chocolate. The fruity aspect has something sparkling and fresh about it. If the scent were not so intense that it almost appeared soapy, I would be inclined to describe it as ‘White chocolate with berries’ but the perfumey character makes it impossible for me to associate the scent with food. When I think about it, I taste perfume.

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