Regenbogen Rauchfahne becomes bilingual!

Dear readers,

It was important to me from the start to write an incense blog in German – my native language – and I don’t want to do without it in the future. But now it turns out that this site is visited by a significantly larger international audience than I could have imagined at the beginning. To accommodate readership, to make the content accessible to an even wider range of people (and so that I don’t always have to be annoyed by the sometimes terrible browser translation), we have decided to let become bilingual; German and English.

We have found a plugin that allows us to offer an English version of our blog. In order to be able to continue operations as usual, we have to carry out the transition β€œlive” in the background. Otherwise, we would have to stop posting completely until everything is finished.
Every menu item, every keyword, every page and now over 200 articles have to be translated and entered. That’s a lot of work.

New articles will already be published in both languages. However, English versions may contain links to older reviews that have not yet been translated. Such links will initially appear broken, but will work once the relevant English version is online.

Once the basic framework is in place, we will add the option to switch between languages. Over time, more and more posts will be available in the English version.

Of course, minor problems can arise sporadically during this process. So if you find an error or something doesn’t work, please let us know. Simply leave a comment under this post or use the contact form.

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