Jiri & Friends - Myrrh Melange

Jiri & Friends – Myrrh Melange

I received these Jiri & Friends incense sticks at the beginning of 2023 as part of an incense exchange.
One pack contains 15 incense sticks (approx. 15g) and costs around €8 – €10. They are 23cm/9″ long, with the bare bamboo part being on average 5-6cm. A burning time is not specified.

Ingredients: myrrh resin, tree bark, bamboo sticks

Because of the ingredients listed, I assumed that Myrrh Melange would be a mixture of different types of myrrh. I decided to ask Jiri & Friends about this, but unfortunately, they turned out to be not very communicative. They told me the following about Myrrh Melange: “By melange, we do indeed mean blend. In that case, there is some of the other fragrance through it to get the perfect blend.” – and that’s the most tangible statement I have ever received from them.

After just a few seconds of lighting the first stick, I immediately knew that Myrrh Melange must be a mixture commonly called “3 Kings”. It combines frankincense and myrrh with a third ingredient, usually benzoin. The name pays homage to the gifts of the three wise men from the biblical story of Jesus’ birth.

I’m not sure if the classic myrrh Commiphora myrrha is used in these sticks. In any case, it must be a good one because the myrrh character is very prominent, without a hint of an unpleasant note like burning rubber. The scent is incredibly rich, balsamic, soft and heavy. It has the typical tart, aromatic myrrh note, but without drifting into bitterness. This is probably favoured by the wonderful sweetness of benzoin or a comparable smelling balsam resin. Furthermore, this combination is lightened up by fresh, resinous frankincense; just enough for me to be sure of its presence. This is a thoroughly successful, excellent blend that manages to keep the focus on the myrrh!

Now, I definitely can no longer claim that I don’t like myrrh incense because I think Myrrh Melange is fantastic! For me, it’s by far the best thing Jiri & Friends have done so far, and also one of my top favourites within the myrrh genre of stick incense. You should absolutely try these!

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