Sonnentag - Natural Scents - Laxmi

Sonnentag – Natural Scents – Laxmi

I discovered the Sonnentag brand by chance and ordered the incense sticks directly from their shop. The regular price is €2.70, but I bought Laxmi on special offer for €2.20. It contains 10g per Box, which in Laxmi‘s case was 9 incense sticks. That makes an approximate unit price of 27ct.
A burning time is not specified.

I had a short, friendly email contact with Sonnentag and learned that the manufacturing company in India from which they had previously got their incense from unfortunately no longer exists. So the incense sticks that have been produced in India will disappear from their range as soon as the current stock is sold out, Laxmi is one of them.

Sonnentag - Laxmi

According to Sonnentag, Laxmi‘s fragrance composition consists of tuberose and bergamot. They describe the scent as “heavy, floral, sweet, oriental, sensual.”

For me, Laxmi has a gorgeous, nectar-sweet, softly floral scent that also has a very fine, tart note. I would describe this note as floral-fruity; perhaps it is the bergamot mentioned above that adds in this aspect.
The scent concept is not an unknown one to me. Vedanta by Parimal, which I still love a lot, are very similar in smell, which might suggest that they also contain tuberose.
In comparison, Laxmi appears to be less powerful and rather reserved. Its aroma is less rich and a little woodier, but this also makes its scent feel finer and more delicate.
The last two occasions I burned Laxmi, I noticed a waxy note that I have only ever noticed in a selection of Nag Champa incense sticks. I was repeatedly reminded of the Nagchampa line by Mother’s, without being able to narrow it down to a specific variety.

Laxmi‘s intoxicating scent does full justice to its namesake: the Indian goddess Lakshmi, who represents, happiness, love and beauty (among other things), and I can imagine that many people will sorely miss these incense sticks once they are gone.

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