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Holy Smokes – Feng Shui Line

After my Blue Line Marathon last year (2023), I was completely fed up with Holy Smokes, the BERK brand. However, when I came across some tubes of the Feng Shui line on Kleinanzeigen this year, I couldn’t resist.
To my pleasant surprise, I found that the Feng Shui incense sticks appear to be produced by a different manufacturer than everything from the Blue Line (and possibly other lines), whose style is characterized by a distinctive vanilla note in the base.

The Feng Shui line consists of Dry Masala incense sticks. Their smell is very natural, although essential oils seem to be used, the scents never seem perfumey or overpowering.
One tube contains 20g, which is approximately 18 or more sticks. Inside the tubes they are additionally packed in a paper bag and an information sheet about Feng Shui and space-cleansing is included. Without this, there would easily be room for as many incense sticks, so the tubes are a bit of a sham. However, they are very robust and reusable, which makes them attractive to me. It would be nice to be able to get the sticks as refills.
The prices vary greatly depending on the retailer: you usually pay between €5 and €7 for a pack.

As you may have noticed with the images below, small design changes have been made to the packaging of the Feng Shui line over time: the font has been swapped and the line width and length of the Yijing trigrams have been changed.
When I look at the pictures on BERK‘s website, there may be even more recent versions.
I will be contacting BERK to find out when these design changes were made. Using this information, one could at least roughly estimate how old a pack is.

According to Konstantin Berk’s kind information, the design was updated about 4 years ago and the pictures on their website still show the older packaging. The rolls with the less playful font are therefore the more recent ones, and can’t be older than the year 2000.
Mr Berk also pointed out that the production company in India must have used up all the remaining packaging before switching to the new version, so there was a certain transition period, which isn’t clearly defined.

Below is a list of the varieties I have. The only variety I’m missing is Weisheit, which contains sage, lavender, sandalwood and frankincense.
The corresponding reviews will be linked as soon as they are published.

Holy Smokes - Feng Shui - Glück Der Kinder

Glück der Kinder
rose, sandalwood, orange, patchouli

Holy Smokes - Feng Shui - Gesundheit

frankincense, cedar, vetiver, spikenard

Holy Smokes - Feng Shui - Anerkennung

myrrh, costus, cassia, sandalwood

Holy Smokes - Feng Shui - Reise

cinnamon, myrrh, sandalwood, palmarosa

Holy Smokes - Feng Shui - Reichtum

basil, cedarwood, sandalwood, vetiver

Holy Smokes - Feng Shui - Liebe

jasmine, rose, lavender, patchouli

Holy Smokes - Feng Shui - Ganzheit

myrrh, frankincense, cedar, sandalwood

Holy Smokes - Feng Shui - Führung

camphor, lemon, cinnamon

2 thoughts on “Holy Smokes – Feng Shui Line

  1. The packaging is beautiful! I wonder how they achieve a vanilla scent with these. You know me, I’m always on the hunt for anything vanilla lol

    1. It’s puzzling to me. So many of the HMS produced sticks have this very pronounced vanilla note that is often distracting from the namesake ingredient/scent, but most “Vanilla” incense seems to barely smell of the real thing. I remember, BERK having a Vanilla in their Blue Line (that I believe is made by HMS) and that does actually smell like Vanilla.

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