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Bhagwan – Lavender Bliss

I received Lavender Bliss as a sample from Eugene, the owner of Bhagwan Incense, when I ordered in September 2023. At that time, the boxes had not yet been printed.
I got 8 sticks that weighed 10g; A regular 15g pack will therefore contain approx. 12 sticks. They cost €3.95 and burn for 40–45 minutes.

Disclosure: Due to my history and friendly relationship with Eugene, the owner of Bhagwan Incense, I would like to point out that I cannot write reviews of this brand with complete impartiality. I write a lot of the Bhagwan reviews based on samples that were given to me – these are labelled accordingly.
All reviews are unpaid and reflect my honest opinion, but you are welcome to consider them as advertising.

The first few sticks gave me the impression that they weren’t very potent. I had one window wide open and a second tilted, and had to search for the scent in parts of the room. With two windows only slightly open, the volume of the scent was just right.
Today, I picked up a stick that was significantly more potent than the others; with this one, the scent even became too much for me with wide open windows. Visually there was no difference, I wonder if it could have simply absorbed more oil than the others.
Lavender Bliss are apparently a Masala Hybrid, i.e. incense sticks whose dough consists not only of charcoal, but also aromatic ingredients, but which are also soaked with a perfume. Pure Incense published some photos on their Instagram profile, illustrating the process.
The scent of Lavender Bliss is that of lavender oil, which is accompanied by a strong sweetness that I can only partially identify as vanilla.
I find the contrast between sweetness and tart, herbaceous lavender to be well-balanced in these sticks; it emphasizes the powdery aspect of the lavender.
Although I’m not a huge fan of lavender scents, I find Lavender Bliss quite pleasant. In fact, they are my favourite of all the ones I’ve tried so far (except Haniel, but I don’t really want to count them for this).

Steve left a comment under my review of Bhagwan – Patchouli when he had just had a closer look at the manufacturer HMS and what brand names their sticks are sold under. He associates Blue Pearl – Lavender with HMS, and he also suspects them to be the manufacturer of Lavender Bliss.
I have reviewed some Blue Pearl, including Lavender. I noticed the HMS similarity with Patchouli, but with their Lavender it didn’t occur to me that they could come from the same company. 
I had a remaining stick of Blue Pearl – Lavender and compared it with Lavender Bliss : The sticks actually look identical, but I find clear differences in the scent. With Blue Pearl, the sweetness is overpowering, and they seem very perfumey and somehow cheap. It has that generic “floral” scent that definitely smells floral, but not like anything in particular. Both samples of Blue Pearl that I got from Steve seem to come from different batches, but even if I look at what I wrote about the first one, the difference to Lavender Bliss is no less. 
HMS produced incense sticks that tend to develop glitter particles over time, at least when stored in plastic. With Lavender Bliss I was able to discover only a trace of it when I looked very closely. 
I don’t doubt Steve’s conclusion, after all, he also knows the lavender incense sticks that are sold directly by HMS, but I still don’t think that these two lavender incenses have the typical HMS character.

2 thoughts on “Bhagwan – Lavender Bliss

  1. So interesting how we can compare two sticks that we believe to be the same manufacturer yet we find they do have some differences. It’s not impossible that they were both manufactured by the same company but with slight changes in the ingredients.

    1. … or storage, or age or fluctuations of ingredients and batches. So many factors that can influence the scent.

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