Ramakrishna’s – Frankincense

I received a single stick of these from Steve (Incense in The Wind) when we exchanged incense. The stick is 8″ or approximately 20cm long, and it appears to be extruded. Unfortunately, I am not aware of a German source for this brand. On goabay, they cost 250.00₹ or 88.00₹ on offer (which they seem to always be). Steve ordered them from there.

Frankincense has an intensely resinous scent that is tart-fresh and feels quite dry. It doesn’t seem to be based solely on frankincense to me. Upon first burning, it even seemed to me that I smelled white dammar instead. This was probably because of the very dry smell and the resinous freshness, which faintly reminds me of lemon.
Other than that, I perceive a slight floral note that starts to take on a cosmetic quality over time, like the smell of a body lotion.

I think Frankincense is an ok contribution to the frankincense genre, but they don’t blow me away.

Coincidentally, I had TOI – Frankincense burning yesterday, and I must say that they seem strikingly similar to me. Both visually and in smell, although some details are different. The bamboo of the Ramarishna’s is orange-coloured, not undyed like TOI, the Frankincense sticks from TOI are also an inch longer. The TOI stick had trouble staying lit, which could indicate a higher amount of resin, and they smelled slightly fresher. However, the floral note was much more subtle, and it never reminded me of cosmetic products. Still, I perceive them as closely related.

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