Faircense - Weihrauch

Pema of Tibet – Faircense – Weihrauch

You can find the main article about the Faircense line here.
A pack of these Dry Masala incense sticks costs 4-5€, containing 10 sticks, which weigh about 10g and are 20cm long. The burning time is given as approx. 35 minutes.

According to a PDF linked on the Faircense website, this variety contains Boswellia carterii resin. However, my package seems to be an older version of the scent because the theme name on the package is “Aura“. According to the document, this variety is now called “deep in nature“.

These frankincense sticks have a very dry, woody, and resinous scent. The scent is robust and tart. The frankincense is recognizable, but not in a way that would highlight the individual characteristics of the mentioned variety. It’s a rather generic frankincense scent.

Personally, the scent is a bit too dry for me, and the base material is too pronounced. However, for anyone looking for an absolutely unsweetened frankincense scent and for sticks that don’t produce much smoke, Faircense – Weihrauch might be worth a try.

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