Vijayshree - GOLDEN - Hit

Vijayshree – Golden Hit

“Like a hit in your face.” – Oder so ähnlich.
Ich habe diese Packung vor einer ganzen Weile bei Sonnlicht.de mitbestellt, weil sie wegen Lagerräumung reduziert waren. 1,45€ sind meines Erachtens aber immer noch zu viel. Sie enthalten die übliche Menge von 15g/~15Stk. Brenndauer ca. 30-40 Minuten. – Wenn man es aushält.
Nein – Diese Räucherstäbchen scheinen ihre Fürsprecher zu haben, z. B. Steve Pereira, der ihnen auf Incense In the Wind einen Score von 39 gibt. Geschmackssache eben.
Mein erster Eindruck war (auch) ein sehr generischer Räucherstäbchen Geruch. Außerdem finde ich sie sehr parfümig-künstlich und dadurch aufdringlich. Den allgemeinen Charakter würde ich als adstringierend, beinahe beißend beschreiben. In genügend Luftverdünnung erkenne ich eine holzige Note, ebenfalls recht trocken. Ab und an, vor allem aber kurz nach dem Anzünden und Erlöschen ist da ein Geruch, der mich an Feuerwerk denken lässt und der bleibt in der Kleidung hängen.
Ich habe es nicht einmal geschafft, das erste Stäbchen zu verbrauchen.
Wertung: 0,9

3 thoughts on “Vijayshree – Golden Hit

  1. Thanks for the review. I have never tried vijayashree before but based on what we have talked about in the past, and your other post on Golden Buddha, I think you like the brand.
    Which makes me wonder…is it possible that you received old stock that smells off? That can also sometimes result in that fireworks type smell or even something acrid. Also, Steve has not only given it a medium-high rating but he seems to get very different notes (halmaddi, vanilla, wool) than what you got.

    1. I think I simply don’t like it.
      I like reading his blog but I can’t really base purchases on his tast or descriptions because I perceive a lot of incense very diffrenetly to him. (Balaji Red is another good example.) Some in his medium-high to top ranking area are no-gos for me (Satya Reiki) or in my burn-outside box. On the other hand there are medium to medium-high ones I that I absolutely adore. So it’s not a big thing for me that I get very different notes to him from that one.
      I was able to get most of the Vijayshrees I was very curious about for cheap on a private sales site lately. Besides Golden Buddha, I love the Nag Champa and Nag Meditation is so, so nice.
      But Nag Darshan (one that u/WeAreZilla recommends occasionally)… it smells like someone said “Hey! Let’s create a aquatic male scent and add a ton of cinnamon and spice!” I don’t hate it; I will give it at least a second try but I’m so confused by the scent. It smells strangely artificial to me but also not and it is overtuned in a way. Very strong to a degree where you can allmost taste it. Nag Temple (u/ChrisBurns likes it a lot) is not that extreme but also confusing. Perfumy in a Chypre way but without the citrus top notes.
      Maybe my space simply don’t “vibe” with this kind of smells. It feels like the olfactory version of a foreign body sensation.
      There are brands I like to dive deeper into their assortment but I don’t expect to like all of their products.

      1. Makes sense. I also tend to not agree with many other highly recommended incense. Like you said, the environment in which the incense is burned also impacts the smell to a great extent. There’s also the fact that we briefly discussed in the past – the olfactory version of the white-and-gold or blue-and-black dress.
        I thought about the incense having gone off simply because I had that experience recently. I bought a lot of incense from gulabsingh johrimal and while some of them smelt nice, there were a few that didn’t seem to have much of a smell except for that firecracker or gunpowder like smell and there were also a couple that smelt bad like body odour.
        I haven’t seen vijayshree being mentioned much on reddit but now I am tempted to get the assorted set to try out. 🙂

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