Vijayshree - Golden Nag Forest

Vijayshree – Golden Nag Forest

I’ve had this pack lying around since last summer; bought on eBay-Kleinanzeigen.

I’m a bit conflicted about the smell of Nag Forest. Although they are the one I liked the most of the “forest and trees” inspired scents so far, there are some details that bother me.
Nag Forest have a strong conifer smell that reminds me of mountain pine bath additive. I think my grandma had one of these and as a child I found the smell incredibly strong, just far too intense. The intensity makes it seem a bit “artificial”, even perhaps it isn’t.
The second main aspect of the composition is floral, in a clear but non-specific way.
Underneath there is a classic masala base note, a little spicy, woody, warm and sweet.
The sweet smell tends to be too intense for a “forest” scent in my eyes, and it has a bit of cinnamon note to it, which comes out even stronger in the aftertaste.
Overall, I find it quite potent. Maybe because of their association with a hot bath, I found them a little too intrusive in the summer. I liked them better in the winter, but then I can’t leave the windows open for long.
I think for me, Nag Forest is more for outdoors. Or maybe I’ll give it away.

Rating: 2.7

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