Aromandise – encens ecologique: Blood Orange, Amber, Polynesian Night

You can read the main article about the encense ecologique line here, there you will also find information about prices and possible sources of supply (in Germany).

Aromandise‘s extremely friendly and helpful customer service provided me with a list of ingredients for all varieties of this line. Again, many thanks for that!

Blood Orange

Ingredients: Benzoin resin, wood powder, natural mineral, bitter orange essential oil.

Fruit scents are usually not my thing. That’s why I tried Blood Orange very early on, “to get it over with”.
I still can’t quite believe it, but I like Blood Orange a lot.
The smell is tart-fruity, tangy-fresh and spicy in the form of a generic but nice Masala base smell. The scent also has a surprising musky note that never fails to delight me.
The sticks are rather mild and unobtrusive, but not too weak.

I think the cones of this variety are the best of all. If it weren’t for the sooty smell, I might even find them better than the sticks, as they have a little more punch, and the musk note is more noticeable.


Ingredients: wood powder, benzoin resin, natural mineral, geranium and bitter orange essential oils.

The bitter orange oil can be smelled clear. In my opinion, it’s a very unusual ingredient for an amber fragrance concept, but it works! It reminds me of the drink “Gentle Angel” (I’m not sure how known this is outside Germany), consisting of orange juice with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Except that here the fruity, tart and tangy orange is combined with the balsamic sweetness of benzoin, and not with vanilla.

Polynesian Night

Ingredients: wood powder, plant powder, natural mineral, Peru balsam, bitter orange, palmarosa and ylang-ylang essential oil.

Considering the list of ingredients, this scent is surprisingly woody and slightly smoky. It’s faintly sweet, I detect a hint of the tangy orange note, but I can’t find much of the flowers. Only on one of the three sticks did an enchanting, sweet floral note appear for a few minutes.
They are not unpleasant, but not very memorable either. I was hoping for a little more.
Since the sticks are not that new, this of cause raises whether the floral top notes might have disappeared already. Though, I’ve tried Ylang-Ylang, and the scent good.

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