Balaji - Mystic Moon

Balaji – Mystic Moon

This box was another second-hand find. The regular price is about the same as other common brands, so they can be found for just under €2. A box contains 15g.

I’m not sure what to make of these incense sticks.
The scent is very cosmetic to me; it reminds me of body lotion or something similar. There is a specific freshness that generally exists in creams and similar products, which triggers this association.
Besides that, the scent is slightly woody, very powdery, and somewhat sweet. It has a floral component; Ephra World Shop mentions lavender. Sometimes I do believe I smell lavender, but I’m not sure if it’s just because it was mentioned.
In terms of character, I actually find the scent quite suitable for evening incense, but it quickly becomes too obtrusive for me, which hinders its use for this purpose. Overall, the scent is just not my thing, which certainly amplifies this feeling.
I have since given it away.

For those who like “clean” scents in incense sticks, Mystic Moon might be just the thing.

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