The Mother’s – Le Perfume

Mother's Trial Pack -Vrienden - Ganesh Nagchampa, Rose Gold, Le Perfume

The trial pack “Friends” with the varieties Ganesh Nagchampa, Red Rose Gold, and Le Perfume.

At first, I thought Le Perfume might be another name for Opium, whose scent genre is said to be inspired by the famous perfume by Yves Saint Laurent, but it is definitely a different “perfume”.

The trial pack “Friends” seems to be a popular gift added to orders by some shops. I received mine when I ordered from Wierook (NL).
If you want to buy it, it costs 60 cents. Contained are 2 mini sticks each of the 3 varieties mentioned under the picture.

Le Perfume seems to be available only in this particular trial pack, and I can’t find it anywhere as an individual product, which likely has its reasons…

It smells like an awfully intrusive, old-fashioned perfume. Heavy, dense and overwhelmingly floral. I gave the scent two chances, and both times couldn’t manage to let the mini stick (about 12cm) burn all the way through.
No, thanks.

Rating: 1.0

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