Mother's - Mira - Duizendschoon

Mother’s – Duizendschoon

When I tried Mother’s Incense in 2022, going through the Regular sampler (from Padma Store) and having just started the Nagchampa sampler, I was so in love with Mother’s that I wanted to try more -ideally everything. So, at the end of 2022, I ordered from Wierook, the official EU Mother’s importer, in the Netherlands.

According to Wierook, Duizendschoon is only available from them, which was the incentive for me to add it to my order. It belongs to the extended Mira line. A pack contains 24 charcoal-based incense sticks and costs €2.95; 12 cents per stick.
Translated, the variety seems to be called ‘Daisy’. It is a fantasy scent. Wierook writes: “Duizendschoon is invigorating and exuberantly perfumed. Perfect if you want to do chores while whistling in a happy atmosphere. Rich and clean in scent as the name reveals.”

The raw smell is not very promising: slightly alcoholic and floral-soapy. Oddly enough, the smell reminds me of dog shampoo. It always amazes me what often banal memories a scent can evoke. I think I was 12 when our dog died. Now, three times that age, I smell an incense stick and my brain instantly retrieves this information from the depth of my subconscious. Amazing.
When lit, it has a greenish fresh, floral scent. For daisies, it is actually quite fitting. Fresh like spring, one might say. It’s a similar scent to some chypre perfumes for women, only a bit less complex. I can’t remember exactly, but I think Nature by Yves Rocher is in a similar vein as Duizendschoon. But maybe it was another of the green scents my mother used to wear.
Due to this association, I swiftly brought the burning stick down to her, and indeed, I found the smell much better and more fitting there than in my part of the house. My mother likes it, so Duizendschoon has a new owner now. By the way, she thinks Nature smelled a lot greener than these incense sticks.

Once again, it shows that not every incense scent fits every home, just like a perfume doesn’t suit everyone equally well.

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