Mother's - Spiritual - MInt / Munt

Mother’s – Spiritual Fragrances – Mint

The pack is from my order at Wierook (NL) by the end of 2022. It cost €3.95. A pack contains 24 sticks of about 23cm/9″ in length, which equated to about 22g for this pack. The burning time is not specified.

The Spiritual Fragrances are a brand-new line by Mother’s and, as far as I know, currently only available at Wierook. It consists of 15 varieties, which, like the Regular and Mira lines, include both Masala and charcoal-based sticks. (Mother’s emphasizes that they do not produce “dipped incense”; the oils are mixed into the dough, instead of dipping the dried sticks into the oils.) Unfortunately, the shop does not show pictures of the sticks, so you only find out what the individual varieties are when you get them. My friend Silver has tried a few other scents, which is the only reason I know that there are also Masala sticks among them. Tulip is charcoal-based, and Temple Incense is Masala.

Mint [NL = Munt] smells unlit like a lemon Fisherman’s Friend: minty, with a pronounced, sharp note of lemon. When lit, the scent is less lemony, but you can still clearly smell that aspect.
It seems obvious to me that the scent of Mint is purely oil-based. In any case, I smell nothing but these two volatile, heady aromas and charcoal.
However, they are not particularly potent. In fact, Mint is the first (Indian) incense of which I like to burn two sticks at once because the scent is otherwise too weak for me.

I really cannot see the quantitative advantage of these incense sticks over (quality) dipped incense sticks. The price is not justified at all for me, at least not with this variety.
They are nice, but like the dipped incense sticks by Spirit of Vinaiki, I think you would have a better scent experience if you simply used essential oils in an oil warmer or diffuser. At least that way, you would avoid the sometimes unpleasant charcoal smell.

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