Elbenzauber - Gwenwedh Kräuter

Elbenzauber – Gwenwedh-Kräuter

I bought Gwenwedh-Kräuter from ‘Arkanum des Lichts‘. This shop is very affordable, but apart from that, I was anything but satisfied with them.
Usually, Elbenzauber costs €4.50 for a 15g pack; there I paid €3.90. The burning time is 40-60 minutes.
For more information about the brand, you can read my main article here.

The official description:
“This herbal blend of ginger lily, vetiver, and mugwort with elemi smells fresh and peppery and is particularly valued for its energizing effect. It’s useful for overcoming lethargy, too.”

To me, Gwenwedh-Kräuter bears a strong resemblance to Goloka – Vrindavan Flower. They have a similar, herbaceous-tart character. However, Gwenwedh-Kräuter is also sweet and has a musky softness that makes the scent more pleasant and much more approachable to me. I find their scent comparatively warm, though it is also fresh. Based on the listed ingredients, I suspect that this particular herbal scent comes from mugwort. It’s likely davanam (Artemisia pallens), the Indian mugwort. I don’t find the scent inherently dry, like I do with Vrindavan, but it’s powdery. There is a certain earthiness in the smell, probably from the vetiver. However, I cannot actually detect this ingredient.
The floral aspect is somewhat better noticeable for me in Gwenwedh-Kräuter than in Vrindavan Flower. Occasionally, their sweet aspect comes to the fore and then smells balsamic and honey-like.

Similar to Vrindavan Flower, the scent is not quite my thing. But it’s by no means bad. I find it pleasantly tart-fresh and invigorating. I think Gwenwedh-Kräuter is suiting for lovers of rather tart herbal scents that can also have a mild sweetness.

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