Paropakaram – Jasmine

This is one of the samples that Sascha (owner of Indiaroma.de) sent me from his private collection at the end of 2023. (Purely by chance, almost all can be found in his shop as well.)
At Indiaroma, a pack of 10 of the 23cm long, almost 2g heavy sticks costs €6.89. Apart from them, only one other shop in Germany seems to sell them: Weltenrauch.com, where they cost €6.90. The brand is significantly better represented in Switzerland.

Paropakaram is a brand that was entirely unknown to me before. After a little research, I found out that the trademark owner appears to be an association in Switzerland. According to their homepage, the term “paropakaram” describes the principle or practice of caring for the well-being of others.
They advertise naturalness, fair trade and environmentally friendly packaging made from recycled cardboard and newspaper. They don’t seem to have a certificate. It is not clear where exactly the incense sticks come from, but a video suggests it might be Mysore.

For me, Jasmine have a slight olfactory similarity to Elfenzauber – Mogra and Sonnentag – Kailash, although these Jasmine do not remind me of the smell of cat urine. However, as with the others, there is a certain association to nutmeg in terms of a special creaminess and spice.
The smell has a slightly pungent aspect and I find an underlying acidity in it, but at the same time it also has something creamy about it.  I only found the floral character on the second try, although for me, they had a sweet aspect right from the start.
The aftersmell is very creamy and slightly spicy.

I wish I could say more than that, but they just don’t suit my taste. But what I have to give to Jasmine is that they are the first of this type of smell that I don’t find unpleasant.

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