TOI - Jasmine Blossom

Temple Of Incense – Jasmine Blossom

I bought this box at Kleinanzeigen in mid-2022. The previous owner had bought two varieties from wrange.de (this one and Dragons Blood), but unfortunately, she had some sort of sensitivity-reaction to Jasmine Blossom and therefore resold it.
Jasmine isn’t necessarily my favourite scent, but since the brand is (or was) so rare in Germany and I just wanted to try something from TOI, I bought it anyway.
The price of this variety at Wrange is €12 for a box of 20 incense sticks. The original price at TOI is £10.

The orange discolouration of the inner bag is interesting.
I have only noticed such a discolouration once, with Green Tree – Tibetan Flowers.

For me, Jasmine Blossom have a typical jasmine smell: floral, sweet, but also slightly tart and fruity in a special way.
Last year, David and Raksmey of The World Makes Scents gave me some of the jasmine flowers that they had brought from Raksmey’s parents’ garden in Cambodia. Those very fresh, dried blossoms have this special scent too, whose fruitiness vaguely reminds me of apples, especially green ones. However, if you burn jasmine flowers, you quickly notice that the scent of the flowers disappears within seconds and what you smell then is a kind of a bready smell; something between a toasty aroma and burning plant material. I perceive this somewhat peculiar smell in the fragrance profile of Jasmine Blossom, as a faint note, especially when the scent is still very concentrated. 
The sticks smell extremely intense right out of the box, more than the freshest jasmine flowers could ever smell. When burning, I find that they quickly become overpowering. The scent just too dominant for me, although I never really find it actually overwhelming.
They are definitely more suitable for large, well-ventilated rooms and for the summer. The more space you give them to develop, the closer the smell comes to the scent of actual, blooming jasmine. The fragrance becomes lighter and brighter; it loses its dominant character and starts to appear natural. The bready note also disappears and what remains is a fresh, fruity and very floral jasmine bouquet.

Jasmine Blossom are very potent, but when diluted appropriately, the scent is fruity-floral, delicate and a good portrait of its namesake. The after-smell is very long-lasting. Best suited for friends of intense smells!

For you curious people, I have a video about the production of jasmine essential oil in India, which my blogger colleague and fellow hobby incense maker Nathan Upchurch showed me a while ago.

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