Vinasons: Mogra, But Mogra

I got these two samples from Ashok Kapur, owner of Padma Store. They are sold in 20g packs, in addition to an available sampler. Mogra costs €5.95, But Mogra costs €5.45. These are charcoal-based, dipped incense sticks.
I asked my Indian friend Silver if she knew what “But” means. She said it’s a type of jasmine and should actually be spelled with two “t” and they might want to avoid calling it “Butt Mogra” outside of India. XD
The internet spits out the information that Butt Mogra is Jasminum sambac, i.e. Arabian jasmine, however, the same appears to be true of “Mogra”. In general, Mogra is translated as jasmine, which, according to Silver, is used as a collective term for all types of jasmine in India. So that doesn’t really help us – but at least we can have an immature laugh. 🍑

Vinasons - Mogra

As with Temple Of Incense – Jasmine Blossom, the sleeve of Vinasons – Mogra has left a noticeable orange discolouration from the oil in the sticks. But Mogra did not cause any stains or discolouration.


At first, while the scent is still building up in the room, I find the jasmine character to be very clear. Then I smell a slightly spicy aspect and a certain green freshness, combined with a heavy, floral sweetness that threatens to be too much for me for a while. It is the same jasmine character that Temple Of Incense‘s Jasmine Blossom has, but with Mogra the fruity aspect is significantly less pronounced. 
Over time, as the smell is allowed to become denser, it loses its facets and then smells somewhat generically like “white flowers”; a scent that for me is characterized by a dry, powdery quality. So, a little more fresh air is quite beneficial for the scent and prevents it from becoming dull. 
As far as strength goes, I think they’re very OK, they’re neither too weak nor too intrusive. If TOI‘s Jasmine Blossom is too intense for you, you might want to try this one. In any case, I prefer them.

But Mogra

But Mogra smells extremely sweet and floral, although not typically jasmine for me. At least not the one Mogra smells like. I as well notice an interesting, spicy aspect in these that makes me think a little of the top note of clove oil. This note balances the intense sweetness, which at times appears very opulent and could otherwise be slightly oversaturating. With good ventilation, the scent also develops a tangy character.
A really lovely, balanced floral scent.

Even though I generally prefer Masala to dipped incense sticks, I have to admit that Vinasons are of good quality. Ashok is very confident about the Vinasons brand in general, especially the charcoal-based ones, and But Mogra is one of his favourites. Recently, an r/Incense post appeared, in which they were also highly praised. I’m looking forward to the other varieties, five more of which are dipped incense sticks like these two.

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