Faircense - Zimt

Pema of Tibet – Faircense – Zimt

You can find the main article about the Faircense line here.
A pack of these Dry Masala incense sticks costs 4-5€, containing 10 sticks, which weigh about 10g and are 20cm long. The burning time is given as approx. 35 minutes.

Ingredients: mandarin and cinnamon.

Zimt have a very attractive, natural scent profile. I smell a pleasant amount of spiciness, along with a warm woodiness. The scent is sweet and has some of the soft, musky note which I’ve often noticed in cinnamon incense sticks.
I still have some of the Cinnamon sticks by Aromandise left, which I was delighted with, and I compared them.

Above, a Faircense – Zimt stick, below Cinnamon from
Aromandise – encens ecologique line.
Apart from the length and the slightly darker tone of the Cinnamon sticks by Aromandise, the two look fairly similar.

In direct comparison, I notice the earthy note even more distinctly that is present in the encens ecologique stick, and a slightly tangy note emerges that I hadn’t noticed before. In return, the authentic character of Faircense – Zimt is emphasized. They seem very pure, while the Aromandise variant smells even more like a blend.

A slight downside is that with Faircense – Zimt, I occasionally smell a slightly unpleasant burnt note with some of the sticks, which seems to be caused by the bamboo.
Nevertheless, I find that these are good cinnamon incense sticks. I would currently rank them second for pure cinnamon scents; first place belongs to Jeomra’s Zimt. Compared to these, the scent of the Faircense sticks is far more woody or smoky, and they have noticeably less volume.

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