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Faircense (farfalla | Pema of Tibet | claro)

I keep seeing this brand’s incense sticks in different health and organic food stores, and I thought for a while now that it would be a good thing to review them.
However, at 4 to 5 euros they are not exactly cheap, and I have made the experience with other fair trade brands that fair trade often does not equal high quality.
At the beginning of the year, I came across an offer at Kleinanzeigen that included almost the entire range, so I jumped at it.

Three different companies are mentioned on the packaging of the Faircense incense sticks:
farfallaPema of Tibet and claro. You will also find the inscription “Made with 100% natural ingredients in a fair trade project in Naturveda BIO / India”.
After looking around on the different companies’ websites, this is what I could piece together:
The sticks are made in Pondicherry, South India, by a company that is “integrated into the ethical tradition of Auroville“. This company is a member of the World Fair Trade Organization. The incense is produced for Pema of Tibet, a Swiss company founded by the couple Yangchen & Thomas Büchli. farfalla and claro, also Swiss companies, are cooperation partners.
Pema of Tibet writes on their website:

Since we cannot guarantee absolute naturalness with most incense sticks on the market, we developed a line of scented sticks in a partnership with farfalla essentials AG and claro fairtrade AG 10 years ago that can meet our highest standards.

Therefore, I assume that the Faircense line is specially made for Pema of Tibet and their partners, instead of plain rebranding.
Claro appears to be an importer and dealer for fair-trade products, farfalla is also a dealer for organic and fair-trade products. Faircense also carries the ICEA seal, which certifies the naturalness of the ingredients. I contacted Mr. Büchli by email to ask for some details. I was told that he would be happy to answer my questions, but that he would need some time.

The sticks from the Faircense line are all dry masala.
I have the varieties below, the reviews will be linked once I published them. I will also add a little summary, once all reviews are done.

Faircense - Amber


Faircense - Lavender


Faircense - Lemongrass


Faircense - Patchouli


Faircense - rose geranium

Rose Geranium

Faircense - sandalwood


Faircense - vanilla benzoin


Faircense - Vetiver


Faircense - incense


Faircense - Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang

Faircense - cedar


Faircense - cinnamon


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