Jeomra's NATUR PUR Maydi

Jeomra’s – Natur pur – Weihrauch Maydi

Georg Huber (Jeomra) became aware of me on Instagram and offered samples of their entire current line, which I accepted with pleasure.

Maydi is one of three pure frankincense varieties of Jeomra’s, alongside Hojari and Afrika, and was among the first self-produced incense sticks in their range. Later, Weihrauch & Rose was added.
Weihrauch Maydi is available from €9.90 for 10 sticks. Packs of 20 and 50 sticks are also available. This means a price per stick of approximately €0.78 at the cheapest, and €0.99 per stick if you buy 10 sticks.
The burning time is specified as 50-60 minutes.

Ingredients: Frankincense from Somalia (Boswellia frereana), beech charcoal from Germany, joss powder from Vietnam, German forest honey; coating: Maydi frankincense powder.
According to this Instagram post, Maydi has a frankincense content of 50%!

Maydi (often spelled Maidi) is one of the types of frankincense that contains little to no gum. This is noticeable when using the resin on charcoal or an incense heater, as it completely liquefies and doesn’t leave a shrunken lump like many other types.

Scent-wise, Maidi is one of my absolute favourite types of frankincense, and this translates accordingly to Weihrauch Maydi from Jeomra’s.
As with the other varieties, the individual character of the frankincense used is brilliantly showcased. The sticks have a wonderfully strong and fresh scent. Less citrusy than that of B. sacra, but fruitier, sweeter, and with a good portion of minty or camphor-like freshness.
Maidi is, for me, one of the types of frankincense that has a kind of varnish note, which might initially sound unattractive, but is actually a scent I find particularly interesting. This note sits somewhere between the resinous and fruity aspects of the Maidi bouquet and brings a special complexity to the fragrance. The scent is robust and pure.
I find the scent invigorating, clarifying, and mood-lifting.

Frankincense Maydi is an excellent portrayal of Boswellia frereana and has a complex, balanced, and vibrant fragrance profile. A thoroughly successful scent and perfect if you’re looking for an alternative to burning on charcoal.
Additionally, the sticks are very economical; one stick is enough for three to four uses.

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